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Brand Localisation
What is it?

Introducing and adapting a brand to a new market.

A brand owner cannot simply roll out their brand in a new market without the necessary local insight. From marketing and branding to adjusting menu items to suit local tastes, refinements must always be made in order for the brand to be relevant and successful in the new market.

What do we do?

We are experts in licensing and localising brands to the Japanese market. We connect with our clients to bring them the cross-cultural insight, experience and on-the-ground support which we believe are fundamental to success in the Japanese marketplace.


We offer a flexible range of value added brand localisation services including:


  • market research
  • licensee sourcing and due diligence
  • drafting and negotiating license agreements
  • legal and administrative support
  • strategic, marketing and advertising
  • procurement and logistics
  • location scouting and advice
  • staff and partner recruitment
  • monitoring financial obligations
  • trademark policing
  • end-to-end project management


Not only do we have an outstanding track record of making Western brands succeed in Japan, but we are also experienced in taking Japanese brands abroad.