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Case Study 3

Manage the introduction of a Japanese logistics company to a SEZ in a Southeast Asian country.

  • Researched the target country and prepare a full dossier.
  • Investigated the market in the target country and potential partners.
  • Formulated detailed plan of action.
  • Met with representatives of SEZ and local government.
  • Managed local incorporation of the company (as a subsidiary).
  • Scouted locations for and set up local office.
  • Hired local staff.
  • Oversaw planning and construction of main depot in the SEZ.
  • Assisted with the purchasing of infrastructure (vehicles etc.).
  • Sales support and negotiations with prospective clients.

From this project’s commencement just 1 year prior, the company was set up and ready to operate in time for the opening of the SEZ. The project is ongoing.