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Case Study 2

Manage the creation of a salon/spa business in Waikiki, Hawaii.

  • Entered into discussions with the lessor (an international hotel chain)
  • Got negotiations back on track and finalised lease agreement, in spite of some significant differences between the two parties when first involved.
  • Completed partnership deal with a major international spa/salon brand.
  • Hired local architect and construction manager and liaised between him and lead designer (in Japan) throughout project.
  • Assisted with translation and preparation of bidding documents and arranged a sealed bidding.
  • Opened bids with owner, advised on selection, and negotiated deal with chosen contractor.
  • Designed and prepared websites, documents and promotional materials.
  • Assisted with staff recruitment.
  • Prepared and attended various media events and gave speeches and interviews on behalf of owner.

The project has been a significant financial success, with both the spa and the salon becoming immediate hits upon opening, not only with hotel guests, but also with tourists from other hotels, as well as Oahu residents.