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Case Study 1

Find a Hawaiian restaurant brand likely to be successful in Japan, acquire exclusive rights to operate and thereafter manage project until operating smoothly.

  • Concurrently researched relevant Japanese market and brands in Hawaii.
  • Determined targets and formulated strategy.
  • Made contact with brand-owner and initiated discussions.
  • Prepared license agreement and negotiated on behalf of client.
  • Researched suitable locations (in Tokyo) and met with realtors.
  • Oversaw architectural planning.
  • Recruited a restaurant manager and head chef.
  • Oversaw design of website and promotional materials, and contributed directly where required.
  • Translated all necessary documents and materials (menus etc.) into Japanese.
  • Further assisted and advised as necessary until running smoothly.
  • Continued support as intermediary between licensor and licensee.

The brand achieved astonishing success in Japan, operating at near 100% capacity since opening, and recouping the client’s entire initial investment in less than 1 year. Since opening in mid-2012, it has been featured on television and radio over 300 times, and in printed and online media over 250 times. Consequently it is now a well-known brand in Japan, especially in Tokyo, which has also significantly boosted sales and profile in Hawaii.