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Our Concept
The Name

 The name ‘EnConnection’ comes from the Japanese word 縁 (pronounced ‘en’) meaning destiny, opportunity, relationship, together with the English word connection. In itself it symbolises a meeting of two languages and cultures, thereby reflecting the ethos of the company’s mission.

The Concept

We are a bridge between Japan and the West. The connection between brand owners and their dreams.

We help those who are eager to reach out, but lack the means or know-how to do so successfully.

Although either side can be our client, we see our place as being between the two, maximising appreciation and understanding, and believe that is how the best relationships are forged.

The Logo

Our logo is an abstract illustration of our vision in the style of a traditional Japanese ‘mon’, with arrows representing East and West linking together inside an ensō, a zen symbol of enlightenment and reciprocal understanding.